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Restauratie tijdens Covid-19

Mijn atelier is open. Ik houd een afstand van 1,5m aan bij het bekijken/ bij afgifte/ophalen van een voorwerp. Er is genoeg ruimte. Neem gerust contact op om te vragen naar de mogelijkheden.


Restoration during Covid-19

My studio is open. I keep a distance of 1,5m when viewing/dropping/collecting an object, there is enough space. Feel free to contact me to ask what the posdibilities are.

Restoration of ceramics, glass and related materials

Porcelain, aerthenware, stoneware, glass, reverse glass paintings, enamel, plaster, marble/alabaster

by Maud Schermer, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Do you have something that is damaged, modern or antique? Don't hesitate to inquire about the possibilities (in terms of restoration). From a small object at home inherited from grandparents, to the object in a museum. Everything is possible. Originally trained as an arthistorian, after some years I had the feeling I wanted to do something that combined my love for the old to practical hands on work. Now I have everything from Delft aerthenware, to Chinese porcelain or ''Leerdam'' glass in my hands. A professional restoration can give back the object its former splendour. The treatments are reversable, and the materials used are carefully chosen (glue and retouching materials that are chemically tested and stable, not the ones you can by ''everywhere''). Be smart with objects that are important for you and your family.

Ceramics: from archeological objects and tiles to dinerware and modern sculptures. Chinese "kraak" en kangxi porcelain, Loosdrechts and Amstel porcelain, Delft aertheware, 20th century ceramics etc...

Glass: apart from glasses or vases think about stained glass, parts of chandeliers, reverse glass paintings and modern studio glass .

Related materials: plaster, enamel, certain types of stone.

I work for individual clients, antique dealers, museums.